About us

We are a friendly and welcoming church. We believe in a God who speaks to us through Jesus, through the pages of the Bible and through his Holy Spirit.  Our Sunday worship takes a fairly traditional format but we believe in using language and music appropriate to today and that our worship should be relevant and accessible to the third decade of the 21st century.

Children are welcome, there are usually two or three, they come in to the main service for the first 15 minutes or so then go out to ‘Kidzone’. So please bring your children (or grandchildren!)

Being in the reformed tradition we rate the Bible very highly, but are not wedded to an over-literal interpretation. Most of us accept the findings of modern science, and that the universe is ancient and evolutionary in nature, that is how God works his creation.  However what matters is how we relate to God today and how we live our lives, and we respect other views and understandings.

Our church tends towards the evangelical, ‘low church’ end of the spectrum, we are the sort of church that suits the kind of music found in the ‘Mission Praise’ hymnbook. We use a screen for projecting hymns and music is provided by electronic organ or piano, a very good organist, and sometimes the use of recorded music.

Currently we don’t have a minister and leading worship is shared among accredited lay preachers or retired ministers, giving for a healthy range of styles.  Mostly our church does not follow the lectionary but  some worship leaders choose to use the readings of the day.

We would love to be involved in fresh expressions of worship, cafe church, messy church, godly play and such like but currently do not have enough people able to organise these. We do have a lively parent and toddler/baby group which meets on two mornings a week. Contact us if you are interested in coming to this.