When churches had to close for worship , a Thurso URC Facebook group was set up to encourage all members, adherents and friends of the church. The aim has been to post something every day, and this has largely been achieved. There have been many hymns with music and words, many recorded Bible readings, links to online services and local devotions from Freswick Castle. Many other items have been shared, slideshows of local scenery set to music, links to the Portrait Gospel project, to name a few.   Anybody can now see us on Facebook at United Reformed Church Thurso.

Father God, thank you for your gifts of life and love and beauty and for all you have done to help and inspire us! We pray for Thurso URC, for those diligently doing all that is needed to allow the church to open for worship. We pray that when restrictions ease the church will lead in new and innovative ways to make Jesus known and available to today’s people of all ages.  We pray in His name, Amen.